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September 4, 2009

Adult Vision Ages 19-40

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Adult Vision Ages 19-40

(As appeared in Alamo Today, September 2009, pg. 29)

In this installment of our series, we will tackle what to expect from your eyes and how to take care of them from after high school until age 40. For most adults, this is the time of healthy eyes and good correctable vision. The two main issues for this age group are visual stress from heavy computer use, fatigue, poor lighting, etc., and injuries from sports and work. For a majority of patients, simple vision issues like near-sightedness, far-sightedness, and astigmatism can be well-corrected with glasses and contact lenses without having to deal with presbyopia or other eye diseases which will be discussed in later articles.
As you start out in the world after school, your eyes and vision are integral to your success. Whether you need them for long hours studying pursuing a college or post-graduate degree, beginning your career in your chosen field, or enjoy sports, your vision will be paramount in your endeavors.
The first thing to remember is that healthy eyes and good vision go together; if you don’t take good care of your eyes, they will not help you in your daily life. A healthy diet consisting of fruits and vegetables will only help your overall health, including the eyes. Supplemental vitamins are also recommended if your diet is lacking in some of these areas. In addition, hydration is very important. Dryness is a big problem with heavy computer use, and staying hydrated can help alleviate some end-of-day redness and discomfort. Exercise helps improve blood circulation throughout the body and helps remove toxins in the bloodstream away from the eyes. Smoking cessation can be extremely beneficial to your overall health. Besides the heart, lung, and other systemic diseases that smoking can lead to, the risk for macular degeneration later in life in increased about 4-6 fold. As always, routine eye care in conjunction with the above suggestions will help maintain your overall vision and ocular health.
Now that we have addressed the health issues with the eye, we need to discuss how to deal with the visual stress that is present in our daily world. The most common causes are computer use and long hours reading documents and contracts. Even though computer use has become a major part of society, most people compound the problem by not having the correct eyeglass prescription, having improper lighting and incorrect viewing angles and working distances. As the day progresses, eyestrain and visual fatigue manifest themselves as tired eyes, red eyes, dry, stinging, burning, and focusing difficulties. Making some adjustments like keeping your eyes above the level of the computer monitor, taking a break from the monitor every 30 minutes and let your eyes rest, blinking, staying properly hydrated, and reducing a lot of artificial light and glare can go a long way in relieving visual fatigue and stress.
In addition to taking care of your eyes at work and college, the eyes need the proper care for sports and at-home activities. Sports such as basketball, football, baseball, and racquetball require the safety from protective eyewear or goggles that regular eyeglasses and contact lenses do not provide. Frames and goggles for adults and kids at our office made by Liberty provide both a fashionable and functional option for vision and eye protection. The lenses can be made in most prescriptions and made out of polycarbonate, which offers both UV protection and shatter-resistance.
At home, some of the everyday activities that we do can pose a danger to the eyes. Things such as mowing the lawn, woodworking, and using strong household chemicals require safety goggles. Non-prescription safety goggles can be found in some hardware stores and depending on the type of glasses, prescription lenses can be put into them.
Even though a majority of patients in this age range are healthy and have good correctable vision, there are always issues and pitfalls are present at work and home that can lead to vision loss. Staying healthy with routine medical care in conjunction with coordinated eye care will help you optimize your vision and eye health.

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