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September 7, 2014

Social Media

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(As appeared in Alamo Today, June 2014)

As an office we are always trying to tinker with how we do things to make ourselves and our product better.   Whether that is adding new technology to the office, offering our patients new contact lenses to the market, or finding better ways to make visits to our office more enjoyable, our goal is to enhance our office and services to be able to meet and exceed the needs of our patients.

Regardless of the type of business, that company has to continue to grow and gather new clients, patients, etc. to be able to succeed.  If a company does not alter the way they conduct business to meet market changes and demands, they will definitely not prosper.  Since we took over the office almost 7 years ago, we have made several changes including adding new frame lines and office instruments, introduce new lens products as they come to market, and changing some of the décor in the office.  Our new project is to better connect our office to our current patients and the members of our local community.  Thankfully, we have our current patient base talking and recommending our office to their friends and family members.  In conjunction with our loyal patient base, we are trying to enter the 21st century regarding social media.   Even though I am not personally into the social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, taking selfies, nor mastering the use of the hashtag, many of our current and potential patients use them all the time.

The main goal of utilizing these sites is to help share information with our patients and the community.  Whether it is an interesting article about cataracts or a new treatment for macular degeneration, new daily disposable contacts for astigmatism, or just a random good vibe, the purpose of these sites is to help educate people about good vision and eye health, and the procedures, products, and treatments that make that happen .  We are encouraging those who are so inclined, to engage the office and the community by using Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, by posting their selfies of their new sunglasses, or their new look wearing daily disposable contacts, or to tweet any eye-related issues or questions that you have.  This will start threads about eye-related subjects or products that can shed some light on a topic of interest to you or introduce you to a new sunglass frame.

Up to this point we have had a blog on our website and a Facebook page for several years now, where we (mostly my wife) would post interesting articles or things going on at the office.  Even though that has been successful, we are trying to expand our reach to our patients and the local community about our office and services.  It is probably going to take a while for us to master the use of these sites but we are learning.   And to be honest, when you see a post, tweet, or a re-tweet, you can be pretty sure it was done by my better half.  Come follow us on Twitter @Alamo Optometry and we are Alamo Optometry on Facebook and Instagram.

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